Windows 10 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 – Keyboard Shortcuts

Like most Windows applications, there are several keyboard shortcuts you can use to make it easier or faster for some to perform certain tasks.

Most of the new Windows shortcuts use the Windows key ( Windows Key) combined with other keys to perform several actions. The following are some of the most common or useful shortcuts used in Windows 10.

Windows keyOpen the Start menu
Windows key + SOpen the Windows Search
Windows key + COpen Cortana
Windows key + TabOpen Task View
Windows key + DShow or Hide the Desktop
Windows key + LLock your account
Windows key + AOpen the Action Center sidebar
Windows key + IOpen the Settings window
Windows key + EOpen the File Explorer window
Windows key + PrintScreenTakes a screenshot of your whole display and stores it in Pictures > Screenshots

Window Snapping

Other useful shortcuts introduced in Windows 10 are the ones used for Windows snapping. Snapping windows was introduced in Windows 7 and allows you to automatically arrange your windows making it easier to work with multiple applications at the same time.


Although you can do this with your mouse by dragging the windows to each side of the screen, Windows 10 introduced shortcuts to perform this task.

Windows key + Left arrowSnap the active window on the left side of the screen
Windows key + Right arrowSnap the active window on the right side of the screen
Windows key + Up arrowSnap the active window on the top of the screen
Windows key + Down arrowSnap the active window on the bottom of the screen

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