Windows 10 – Email Management

Windows 10 – Email Management

Windows 10 features the new Mail app to help you handle your e-mails. You can access the Mail app directly from the Start Menu.


If you are connected to Windows with a mail account, the Mail app will automatically configure itself to present you your e-mails. But, if you are using a local account, the Mail app will ask you to configure it.

Configuring the Mail App

The first time you access the Mail account, you will see this window.


To configure it, follow these steps −

Step 1 − Click on the Get started button.

Step 2 − On the next window, add the account you want to use with Mail.


Step 3 − On the Choose an account window, select what type of account you want to configure. Mail is compatible with most of the current mail providers.


Step 4 − If you’re using a Microsoft account, enter your username and password.


Step 5 − After a while, the Mail app will start loading your emails.


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