WHMCS – Widgets

WHMCS – Widgets

Widgets are the building blocks of the WHMCS Admin Dashboard. WHMCS includes a variety of dashboard widgets by default that are designed to give you an overview of activity and events occuring within your WHMCS installation.



Customising the Dashboard

Each member of staff can personalise their admin dashboard view by minimising or hiding widgets entirely.

Located at the top right of each widget are the widget controls. These controls allow an admin user to customise their dashboard. The available actions include:

  • Refresh – Refreshes the content of the widget. For performance reasons many of the widgets cache their data for a period of time.
  • Minimise – Minimises the widget. A minimised widget can easily be expanded again.
  • Close – Closes the widget. This removes the widget from the dashboard for the current admin user. The widget will remain closed until it is re-added to the dashboard.

Showing/Hiding Widgets

Widgets displayed on the admin dashboard can be managed via the Show/Hide Widgets panel.

To open the panel, click the gear icon located at the top right of the dashboard.


Widgets with a check next to them are enabled and will be rendered on the dashboard. To remove a widget, uncheck the box next to it’s name. To add a previously removed widget, check the box next to it’s name. The dashboard will immediately update upon enable or disable of a widget.

The Show/Hide Widgets functionality is available in WHMCS 7.3 and later.


Widgets use the administrator role access control permissions system and therefore the widgets a user can see and has access to will match the permissions the user is granted within the system.

For example the Support Tickets widget will only show to a user with access to view and respond to support tickets.

Some older widgets do not leverage the access control permissions and access to these can be controlled individually via Administrator Roles.

Widget Reference

The following table itemises all widgets that are included with WHMCS by default and the permissions required for each.

NameDescriptionRequired Permission
ActivityRecent system activity to keep you up to date with what’s happeningView Activity Log
AutomationAn overview of system automation. Click a miniature graph to see a the full version on the Automation Status pageConfigure Automation Settings
BillingAn overview of income over four periods; daily, monthly, yearly and all timeView Income Totals
Client ActivityA brief overview of the last 5 client logins, including dates/times & IP addressesList Clients
HealthAn overview of System Health, links through tot he main System Health StatuspageHealth and Updates
Network StatusListing your servers and allowing you to check the status (if status url monitoringhas been implemented)None
System OverviewAn overview of orders and income in graphical format. The timescale can be changed to show daily, monthly or yearlyView Income Totals
System Overview BadgesDisplayed at the top of the page, the colourful badges provide a quick statistical overview including orders, cancellation, and ticketsNone
Staff OnlineShows currently logged in staff. If the staff member’s email address corresponds with a Gravatar account, the Gravatar image will be used.None
SupportAn overview of support awaiting reply tickets, tickets assigned to your account and tickets with recent activityList Support Tickets
To-Do ListAn overview of support awaiting reply tickets, tickets assigned to your account and tickets with recent activityTo-Do List


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