WHMCS – Link Tracking

WHMCS – Link Tracking

The link/ad tracker tool is designed to allow you to track your advertising campaigns. The way it works is that you can setup the various links you want to use and then instead of linking directly you use the tracking link WHMCS gives you. It then tracks the number of click throughs you get and ultimately conversions using a cookie, providing an easy way to analyse how successful different promotions and links are.

How does it all work? When the click passes through WHMCS the system increments the count by 1, but also sets a cookie on the users computer to say they used that link. Only the latest link they used is ever stored so a conversion never counts more than once, and the cookie lasts for 3 months, so if a user then places an order with that cookie still present on their computer, then the conversions count for that link increases.

How to add a tracked url

  1. Begin by going to Utilities > Link Tracking
  2. Click “Add a New Link”
  3. Enter a name to identify the link and then the URL the user should be forwarded to when followed
  4. Click Add Link
  5. The link has now been added for tracking

How to get the URL to use for tracking

  1. After adding the url for tracking, click the edit icon next to it
  2. The Link/URL field on the edit page will show the link you need to use
  3. You then just link to that URL from wherever you run the promotion

How to monitor the links

  1. To see how your links are doing, just go to Utilities > Link Tracking
  2. It then lists the links you’ve setup for tracking, the number of clicks each has had and the number of conversions (orders)

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