WHMCS – Activity Logs

WHMCS – Activity Logs

WHMCS logs all activity, admin logins, gateway communications, sent and received email communications and domain lookups. This allows you to monitor and track all the activity taking place inside your WHMCS system. The logs can be found in the Utilities menu and include:

  • Activity Log
  • Admin Login Log
  • Gateway Log
  • Ticket Mail Import Log
  • WHOIS Lookup History Log

Over time, log records in your WHMCS System will build up. As the number of records grows, so will your database and you may begin noticing a reduction in performance. Luckily however, WHMCS allows you to empty these logs any time you like should they start affecting performance. You can see the size of your database by going to Utilities > Database Status. To empty your logs, use the following steps:

  1. Login to your WHMCS Admin Area
  2. Go to Utilities > System Cleanup
  3. You will then see options to empty each of the 5 log tables listed above
  4. To empty a log table, simply click the Go button next to that table
  5. A confirmation message will then appear confirming the log table has been emptied

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