What are the most useful APPs for Shopify?

What are the most useful APPs for Shopify?

When running an ecommerce store, the base theme is not going to give you the fully functional store or automations that you need. The Shopify App Store is filled with hundreds of great APPs that can help merchants streamline their day-to-day tasks, add the brand new functionality to their store, and make it easier to run their business.

Basically all the Shopify APPs fall into the following categories:

  1. Marketing – these APPs help to drive traffic, manage your SEO, sell on new channels and promote your products thus you can increase your sales and improve customer retention. The most popular Marketing APPs are the following ones:
    • Rewards, Referrals, and Email Capture Powered By Swell – it helps all types of Shopify merchants to earn more revenue.

      With this APP, you can reward your customers for making more purchases with your business, subscribing to your newsletter, creating a store account, visiting a page on your website and much more.

    • Free Shipping Bar | Motivate Customer & Increase Cart Value – this APP allows you to offer free shipping to your customers.

      Thus you can increase your average order value and boost sales since the majority of consumers would be more likely to shop at a site online if they were promised free shipping.

  2. Sales – these APPs help you to grow your business, sell more products, and increase your revenue per order. The most popular Sales APPs are:
    • Recurring Billing | Subscriptions by ReCharge – this APP can help you to increase sales with seamless integration into Shopify products,checkout and backend.

      It lets customers change the frequency, quantity and delivery schedule of their subscription product, gives your customers authority over when they want to receive a product delivery from you as well as grants your customers the ability to change their shipping information in real time. In addition to that, the APP is multilingual and mobile friendly.

    • Product Upsell – the APP gives you the ability to offer an upsell product at the point of checkout based on the contents of the customers shopping cart.

      With this APP, you can create as many offers as you want that are presented to customers at the last minute point of checkout. Thus you can increase the amount of every sale since a lot of customers will add a last minute impulse item to their purchase if offered a relevant item that compliments their purchase.

  3. Shipping – these APPs streamline your shipping process, making it as fast and smooth as possible for your customers. The most popular Shipping APPs are:
    • AfterShip – tracks all the shipments and sends delivery updates automatically.

      Basically this APP allows you to autotrack all your shipments – UPS, USPS, Fedex and other couriers, display tracking results at your store, and notify customers when in transit, out for delivery, delivered and exceptions.

    • Shippo – the APP helps you to print shipping labels, track packages, and manage shipments all from one place, saving you time and money on shipping.

      The main features of the APP are automatic tracking, customer email notifications, shipping insurance and connection to multiple storefronts.

  4. Accounting & Inventory – these APPs help you to keep orders, customers, and all business-critical information synchronized with your favorite accounting software as well as allow you to spend less time managing your inventory. The most popular Accounting & Inventory APPs are:
    • QuickBooks Online Sync (by Pipemonk) – this is the most popular Shopify APP to integrate with QuickBooks.

      It allows you to auto-export orders, fees, inventory, refunds, customers and taxes to QuickBooks that is better and less time consuming option than manual way.

    • MODALYST – dropshipping within this APP enables online retailers to manage hundreds of suppliers through an automated platform, which integrates real-time information and order processing with your Shopify storefront.

      This tool offers a large variety of products without investing in inventory, allows you to onboard new brands in seconds, and stay updated on inventory levels, imagery, and descriptions since all is synced in real-time.

  5. Reporting & Tools – these APPs organize sales data and conversion rates to help you make informed decisions to grow your business. The most popular Reporting & Tools APPs are:
    • Compass – the APP turns data from different sources into actionable insights with automated reports and tailored benchmarks.

      The benefits of using this tool are that you can handle all your ecommerce data from multiple sources, instantly assess your performance with benchmarks against similar shops, save your time by switching from manual to automated reports and much more.

    • Infinite Options – this tool allows your customers to personalize products with dropdown menus, text, number inputs, checkboxes and radio buttons.

      With this APP, you can create unlimited product options for any product configurations, as well as add personalization, engraving or monograming to any product.

  6. Customer Service & Social Media – these APPs offer better support with email, phone, knowledge-base and live chat solutions for your online store as well as help you to engage with your customers and promote your store on Facebook, Twitter, and more. The most popular Customer Service & Social Media APPs are:
    • Quick Facebook Live Chat – the APP lets you chat with customers by Facebook accounts, right on your store.

      You can also view customers’ profiles, get closer to and engage with them. Thus you can increase your sales since Facebook is among the most popular social media that customers use.

    • Social Autopilot – this APP automatically tweets customized messages when products or blogs get added.

      Basically the APP will tweet a new product or blog post at random intervals with a different random message that you create. Thus you can effectively put a large portion of your social media tasks on autopilot.


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