OpenCart 2.x. How to add and manage customer groups

OpenCart 2.x. How to add and manage customer groups

  1. To add a new group, navigate to Customers -> Customer Groups and click the Add New button.
  2. In case you’re using several languages, insert a new Customer Group Name into each language field, fill out the Description field if required
  3. The Approve New Customers option allows moderating customers before they log in. Click the Save changes button to save new customer group in admin panel.
  4. When the new group is created, you can assign customers to groups manually via the Customers -> Customers tab of your admin panel. Select the new group for a customer in the General -> Customer Group tab
  5. In order to add a discount or a special price for customer group, navigate to Catalog -> Products and open each product you need to edit. Add Discount or Special price for a customer group in the corresponding tab

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