Moving from sub-folder to root in OpenCart

Moving from sub-folder to root in OpenCart

When you want to move your store from sub-folder to root folder of your domain you need to do the following:

  1. Backup your store files via FTP to your computer. Simply copy all the files and folders from your domain to your computer via FTP.
  2. Delete your store files on your domain (do NOT touch your database!)
  3. Transfer all the store files you have backed-up to the root of your domain.
  4. Edit the yourdomainconfig.php and yourdomainadminconfig.php files. You should remove subfolder name from all the URLs in these files.
  5. Verify the correct rights on your store folders and files. (Normally they are 644 for the files and 755 for the folders)
  6. Test your new store.

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