The java.lang.Interfaces provides different interfaces used under java lang package.

Interface Summary

S.N. Interface & Description
1 AppendableThis is an object to which char sequences and values can be appended
2 CharSequenceThis is a CharSequence is a readable sequence of char values.
3 CloneableThis is a class implements the Cloneable interface to indicate to the Object.clone() method that it is legal for that method to make a field-for-field copy of instances of that class.
4 Comparable<T>This imposes a total ordering on the objects of each class that implements it.
5 Iterable<T>Implementing this interface allows an object to be the target of the “foreach” statement.
6 ReadableThis is a Readable is a source of characters.
7 RunnableThis is the Runnable interface should be implemented by any class whose instances are intended to be executed by a thread.
8 Thread.UncaughtExceptionHandlerThis is the Interface for handlers invoked when a Thread abruptly terminates due to an uncaught exception.

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