I am receiving “500 Internal Server Error” in my WordPress

I am receiving “500 Internal Server Error” in my WordPress

If you receive that error when trying to access your WordPress installation, you can use the following steps to try to find out the reason for it:

1. Check your WordPress files for permissions above 755. Our servers run in SuExec mode so the maximum allowed permissions are 755, all permissions above 755 will result in Internal Server Error. You can find which files exactly give the error from your cPanel > Error log.

After that, you can change the permissions from cPanel > File Manager or with your favorite FTP client.

2. Check your WordPress .htaccess file for bad directives. It is located in your WordPress installation directory. If the error is caused by such a directive, it should be displayed inside the cPanel –> Error log as well.

Such error message can also occur if there is high load on the hosting server.

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