How to Remove WordPress User Bar

How to Remove WordPress User Bar

Learn how to hide the WordPress user bar from your site

In WordPress 3.1 and later versions there is a brand new feature – the admin bar.

It allows you to perform administrative tasks to your blog while browsing through its front end.

Of course it requires from you to be logged in with an username that has admin privileges.

There are many people, however, that would like to disable this feature.

Mainly because it moves your entire website with about half an inch down and creates conflicts with some themes.

Although, this admin bar can be disabled by adding a filter in your functions.php file, the easiest and cleanest way to do this is through the WordPress user configuration page.

Login with your account and then navigate to Users -> Users menu in your left column. Once on this page, hover over the selected user and click on the Edit button that appears.

On the next page, simply remove the “Show Admin Bar when viewing site” check and save the settings. The Admin bar will no longer be displayed on the front end of your blog.


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