How to manage TM Google map module in OpenCart

How To Manage TM Google Map Module in OpenCart

Module settings

First, let’s check the module settings. Navigate to Extensions> Modules> TM Google Map and click Edit button:


This area allows you to edit general settings of the map such as map type, its zoom (1 to 17), dimensions, styles, general/active marker and its settings. Click ‘Save’ button once you have applied required modifications.

Configuring default coordinates

The coordinates are managed via System> Settings> Your store (default):


Navigate to General> Geocode inside. Here you will see the default latitude and longitude:


Replace them with those of the actual store location. Remember to use comma separation for the values.

Note: You can check the required location coordinates using the Google Maps service.

Save changes once done with the location update and check the result in the store’s front-end. Location should be updated.

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