How to manage the “TM Single Category Products” module in Open Cart

How to manage the “TM Single Category Products” module

  1. Navigate to Extensions -> Modules section in your admin panel and locate Tm Single Category Products module. Click on the install button near the module to install it:
  2. Now click the Edit button (it is located near Install button). On the next page you need to specify Module Name, category to pull products from, and select status Enabled. You will see additional options such as Tabs to display tabs in the module, Product Type (featured, latest, bestsellers and specials). Limit option allows you to select a number of products. Click Save button to save module settings:
  3. Go to Design -> Layouts tab and add the newly created module to any layout, by clicking on Add module button. You need to save a layout after making changes:
  4. You can now see the module on the page you have added it to:

Thank you for reading our tutorial. Now you know how to manage TM Single Category Products module in OpenCart 2.x.

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