How to manage slider in OpenCart

How to manage slider in OpenCart

In order to manage slider in OpenCart 2.x, you should perform a few steps. First of all, let’s check the banner used for the slider. Navigate to Extensions > Modules section:


Search for “Tm Slideshow > Tm Slideshow module in the list. And click “Edit” to open it:


Slider general information is displayed in the section. You can enable/disable slide here, select the banner used for the slide, edit width and height for all pictures. Feel free to modify the data if needed:


Once you check the name of current banner used, navigate to System > Design > Banners. Select Slideshowfrom the list and click “Edit”:


Here you can manage default content (like title, description, link for the slide image, and sort order). All of them are available for each installed language. Scroll down and click the “Plus” icon to create new slide.

Fill in the fields for all installed languages.

Next click the image tab. Use “Edit” option to add slide image. With the “Upload” button select the required picture (make sure its dimensions are corresponding to default ones). Use the uploaded image for the slide.

Click “Save” when you are done editing.

Get back to the site’s frontend to see the changes. New slide with assigned URL should appear now.

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