How to manage product reviews in OpenCart

How to manage product reviews in OpenCart

How to create a new product review

  1. Log into your OpenCart admin panel and go to Catalog -> Reviews.


  2. The list of reviews shows the “product name”, “author”, “rating”, and the “date added”.
  3. Click Add new to add a new review.


  4. Enter your name in the Author field.
  5. Begin typing the product name.
  6. When the product shows up, select it from the list.


  7. Type your review text.
  8. To set a rating for your product, select one of the values between 1 and 5 in the Rating checkboxes.
  9. Enable this review to make it show up.
  10. Click Save.


  11. Refresh the product page to see that your review is now visible.


  12. To delete a review, select it from the list and click Delete button in the top right corner.


Managing new reviews

  1. Your customers can leave their own product reviews at the frontend. To leave a review, they should go to the product page and fill “Your name” and “Your review” fields, then rate a product using “Rating” checkboxes. After that press Continue:


  2. This review will appear at the frontend after site administrator approves it at the backend.


To approve customer’s review, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Click Edit to open review which you want to approve.


  2. Change review status to Enabled. You can also change review text and rating.


  3. Click Save.

Now the approved review will appear at the frontend on the product page after you refresh it.

That’s it! Now you know how to manage products reviews and ratings in OpenCart.

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