How to manage currencies and set up a default one in Shopify

How to manage currencies and set up a default one in Shopify

  1. Log into your Shopify private account at to access your Shopify store dashboard.
  2. Navigate to “Themes” tab on the left and click “Customize theme” button on the top right of the appeared screen.


  3. Then, scroll down and click “Money options” tab to view currency settings.


In the appeared section you may choose whether to display currency selector on your store front-end or not, change money format to display your prices with/without currency code (e.g. $10.00/$10.00 USD), add/remove currencies in currency selector drop-down and set default currency for your store.


You may add more currencies separating them with a space and using the ISO 4217 3-letter currency code.

You may find complete list of currency codes at:

Let’s add Canadian dollars in the “Currencies you wish to support” field.


Click “Publish Changes” button on the bottom right to save the changes. Check your store front-end, new currency is now displayed in the currency selector drop-down.


Now, let’s set Canadian dollars as default currency in our store:

  1. Put CAD in the “Default currency” field and click “Publish changes” button on the bottom right.
  2. Open your store front-end and refresh the page to see changes.


  3. We have successfully set the default currency for our store.

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