How to manage categories in Open Cart

How to manage categories

In order to edit categories in Opencart, please navigate to Catalog -> Categories in your Opencart admin panel, select the category you want to edit from the list and click the ‘Edit’ button on the right.

In order to add the new Category, you should perform the following:

  1. In Catalog -> Categories in your OpenCart admin please click the ‘Insert’ button:


  2. Please fill in the form fields in the General Tab.

    Make sure to specify the Category Name for all languages by clicking the corresponding tabs. Please note that if the Category Name is specified for 1 language only, you will get the following error message: Warning: Please check the form carefully for errors!

    Please fill in the Meta Tag Description field which is a summary of the category to describe the category page to search engines.

    Add the Meta Tag Keywords into the Meta Tag Keywords field. It is similar to meta tag description, but asks for a single keyword to describe the product.

    Add the Category Description:


  3. Switch to the Data tab.

    Leave the Parent field blank if you are adding the category. The parent field is only used for creating the sub-categories.

    Start typing your filter title into the Filters field and it will autocomplete it for you – you will get the drop down list with the Filters available. Select the Filter from the drop-down list.

    Add the SEO keyword to the SEO keyword field. It is a keyword that will be included in the category URL for search engine optimization:


    To add an image to the Category, please click the Browse button next to the image field, select the image from the Media library or click the Uploadbutton to upload it from your PC. Locate the uploaded image in the Media library and double click the image in order to add it to the category:


    If you want the new category to display in the top menu bar, please tick the Top field. Checking this section will display this category in the top menu of every page. If no selection is made, it will not be displayed.

    The number of columns in the Columns field controls how many sub-categories are displayed when selecting the parent category.

    Sort Order determines the position of the category in the menu. A category with sort order 1 will be displayed before categories with sort order 2, 3, and so on.

    Status: Selecting ‘enabled’ makes the category publicly available in the store front. Selecting ‘disabled’ will hide the category from the store front but it will still be available for editing purposes in the administration:


  4. The Design tab consists of the Layout Override’ option. You can choose the layout to override.
  5. Click the Save button in the upper right corner to save the information in the General, Data, and Design tabs, and add the product category to the category list:


The procedure of adding the Sub-Category is similar. The only difference is that you should add the Parent Category into the Data tab.

You should navigate to Catalog -> Categories -> Insert – >Data -> Parent and specify the parent category for the sub-category you are adding.

The parent category field is also autocomplete like Filters field, so you should start typing your category title, and as soon as you see it in the drop down list, please select it from there:


Do not forget to click the Save button to save the data added.

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