How to disable zoom feature in OpenCart

How to disable zoom feature in OpenCart

  • First, log into the cPanel dashboard.
  • This leads you to the main cPanel area. From here, locate and enter the File Manager.
  • Navigate to your store’s root folder. Most stores use the main domain, so the root folder would be public_html. If you are using a subfolder (e.g., then you would look for public_html/shop.
  • From here, navigate to script.js file in catalog/view/theme/themeXXX/js folder, where XXX is the number of your theme and then open it for editing.
  • Inside the editor, you need to find the following code:
$("#gallery_zoom").elevateZoom({gallery:'image-additional', cursor: 'pointer',zoomType : 'inner', galleryActiveClass: 'active', imageCrossfade: true});
  • and change it as follows below:
    $("#gallery_zoom").elevateZoom({gallery:'image-additional', cursor: 'default',zoomType : 'none', galleryActiveClass: 'active', imageCrossfade: true});
  • Click the Save Changes button in the upper right corner of the screen to activate it. Refresh the website to see the changes.

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