How to Create a Business Website with WordPress

How to Create a Business Website with WordPress

What is the business website?

The business website is a static six page website with a fixed subset of pages.

These pages normally include:

  • Home page;
  • Contacts page;
  • About page;

The most recognizable subpages are Team, Services, What we do, etc.

The distinctive feature of the above mentioned pages is their stationary content.

This implies the assembly of the content is not naturally updated, it does not include blog, comments, shopping cart sections which aredynamicallycontrolled and processed by server-side scripts. This is why these kinds of pages are referred to as Static Pages.

The key distinction between the so-called business websites and online e-commerce portals is that they deliver information about organization itself rather than transacting online business.

This is why a plain HTML based template is considered to be the most straightforward way of creating a successful corporate website.

There are two major ways of setting up a business website

  • The first one is purchasing a regular html based template.
  • And the second is a subscription-based template.

The advantage of the first is definitely a price.

Normally, these templates are priced at around $50 per a life-time single-site license. A disadvantageous aspect of these templates might be that at least fundamental understanding of HTML and CSS would be of the essence to be able to edit the content.

Also, a hosting plan along with domain name would be required to provide hosting environment for the website.

A good alternative to the HTML templates would be CMS based ones, such as WordPress themes or Joomla templates which are equipped with the admin panel thus allowing creation and modification of digital front-end content using a user-interface without editing the actual source code.

The subscription-based websites come with the admin panel, hosting environment, custom domain name which is, without a doubt, very convenient.

The main downside of this option is a price.

Since it is a subscription business model, the consumer must pay a subscription price on a regular, steady basis to have access to services which eventually accumulates into decent amounts as opposed to one-time payment for the html template.

The second major disadvantage of a particular plan is a limited access to the source files.

Roughly speaking, the user is not able to edit the source files of the platform which powers the website. The user experience is limited only to the admin panel.

The other distinctive downside worth being mentioned is the functionality.

Since the websites of a particular type are equipped with many different options, their code is a lot heavier which affects the loading speed. Thewebsite performance is one of the key factors which affect SEO. Slow websites with the messy source code are strongly discouraged by search robots.

Regarding the facts mentioned above, the most rational and effective option for building a successful business website is definitely a low-cost HTML based business website template with lightweight code, efficient performance and clean design.

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