How to add SKU to the product in WooCommerce

How to add SKU to the product in WooCommerce

SKU is a stock keep unit, used to track products. It must be unique, and should be named so it does not clash with post IDs.

Let’s add this identification to any product:

  1. Open WordPress administration panel.
  2. Navigate to Products, then Products tab in order to modify an existing product, in our case it is “Anti Freeze Ice Cream Scoop”.
  3. In General tab, under Product Data, fill in SKU field.

    SKU is an identification, usually alphanumeric, of a particular product that allows it to be tracked for inventory purposes. Typically, SKU is associated with any purchasable item in a store or catalogue. The SKU identification for a product may or may not be made visible to a customer.

  4. Click Update in order to save your product.

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