How Can I Access The Unity Xbox Forums?

How Can I Access The Unity Xbox Forums?


  • I have received my Unity Xbox license from Microsoft
  • I would like to gain access to the Unity Xbox developer forums


Forums are a useful tool for interacting with other developers and solving common problems, not to mention networking. The Xbox forums are a dedicated area of our Unity forums and are not accessable automatically.


Unity has a dedicated forum area for our Xbox developers, which can be found here.

To gain access, please follow this process:

Please send an email to and include the following information:

  • Your studio name.
  • Your existing Unity Account user name(s).  They must be accounts that have logged into the Unity forums at least once.

The email addresses that you include in the process above are then registered with ID@Xbox.  These email addresses will be given access to the Google Group page to access download links, as well as the dedicated forum area.

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