Edit Zone Templates in WHM

Edit Zone Templates in WHM


This interface allows you to edit the templates that cPanel & WHM uses to create DNS zone files for new domains. You may wish to use this interface when you use custom DNS configurations.

Edit templates

To edit a template, perform the following steps:

  1. Click the template type that you wish to edit. You can choose from the following template types:
    • simple — Edit the template for domains with only an A entry.
    • standard — Edit the template for domains on a dedicated IP address, addon domains, or parked domains (aliases).
    • standardvirtualftp — Edit the template for domains on a shared IP address.
  2. The template will appear. Make the desired changes to the file.
    • For more information about the available template variables, read the Variables section below.
  3. Click Save.


You can use the following variables within DNS zone template files:

%cpversion% The version of cPanel & WHM.
%domain% The name of the domain that the system creates.
%ttl% The domain’s Time To Live (TTL).
%nsttl% The nameserver’s TTL.
%rpemail% The contact email address.
%serial% The zone record’s serial number.
%nameserver% The primary nameserver’s hostname.
%nameserver2% The secondary nameserver’s hostname.
%nameserver3% The tertiary nameserver’s hostname.
%nameserver4% The quaternary nameserver’s hostname.
%nameservera% The primary nameserver’s IP address.
%nameservera2% The secondary nameserver’s IP address.
%nameservera3% The tertiary nameserver’s IP address.
%nameservera4% The quaternary nameserver’s IP address.
%ip% The domain’s IP address.
%ftpip% The domain’s FTP server’s IP address.

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