Beginning with WHM – Basics

Beginning with WHM – Basics

After purchasing and migrating all the domains and accounts to your new cloud, some cloud owners have no idea how to do some of the basic functions of server administration. In this article you’ll be able to read about general information regarding WHM.

Logging into WHM:

In order to log into the back end of the server you will need the main IP address for your server, the username, and password provided to you when your server was created. In the browser URL you’ll want to type in https://[your server IP]:2087. Your browser tab should now be displaying the following:


Once you confirm in your browser the URL looks similar to this go ahead and press the Enter key on your keyboard. The next screen will give you a warning page about what’s to come next. It will look like the image below:


Don’t be worried about this error. This happens with all cloud accounts hosted at IX Webhosting. Click on the proceed anyway button in the bottom left corner of the pop-up box. When this next screen loads you’ll be on the actual WHM login page which looks like this:


From here enter your username and password to login and access the WHM dashboard


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