Apache Module: CloudFlare in WHM

Apache Module: CloudFlare in WHM


This document shows you how to install or remove a CloudFlare® module on EasyApache 4 (EA4).


  • This document describes an example of how to use the CloudFlare 3rd party method to install the mod_cloudflare module for EA4.
  • We do not support this module.

How to install CloudFlare

To install CloudFlare on a CentOS 6 server, run the following commands as the root user:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cloudflare/mod_cloudflare/master/EasyApache/installer.sh
chmod +x installer.sh
sh installer.sh

How to remove CloudFlare

To remove CloudFlare, run the following command:

yum remove ea-apache24-mod_cloudflare

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