Adding and Managing cPanel Accounts in WHM

Adding and Managing cPanel Accounts in WHM

Managing accounts within WHM can be very easy if you know where to look. So to begin, we want to identify where to find the account management tools within WHM which are ‘Account Information’, ‘Account  Functions’, and ‘Multi Account Functions’.  These options can be found on the home screen of WHM as well as on the left hand side of the panel, and the search bar.


Lets start with  ’Account Information’ which includes; List Accounts, List Parked Domains, List Subdomains, List Suspended Accounts, ect. See image below as example:


The Account Information menu provides the ability to list out the cPanel accounts created on the server and provide a brief overview of each account on IP address assigned, username, quota, current disk size, parked domains, and bandwidth usage.

The Account Functions menu gives you a few more options to better manage your cPanel accounts. Please see images below for a brief overview:


Here we can manage a lot more with our cPanel accounts on the server. We can create new accounts, email all cPanel accounts created on the server, modify any settings on a current account, and etc. To create an account, we will want to go to Home >> Account Functions >> Create a New Account. We will then be routed to the following:

When creating an cPanel account, all the information is very straight forward that is needed to complete the account creation.

It is recommended to make a strong password for the account. Please note: the password set during this wizard, does not reflect the root password to access WHM. This password is directly related to only that cPanel account, which can be accessed via https://cloudIP:2083 or

The rest of the settings during the account creation will most likely be left at their defaults.

If keeping mail locally on the server then it is best to leave at it’s default for Local Mail Exchanger. If mail is being hosted elsewhere, you will want to make sure you set it as Remote Mail Exchanger.

Once the account is created, you will be able to see/access the cPanel account by viewing the list of accounts by goingHome >> Account Information >> List Accounts.

Some other tasks that you will utilize with in Account Functions will be tools like quota modification and bandwidth limitations. These tools help maintain available resources and consumption on the server. This is especially good to utilize when limited resources are available.

Another useful tool to also make mention with in Account Functions, is the ability to create a template file structure for new accounts. This utility is called Skeleton Directory. This tool pertains directly more towards hosting resellers. How this utility benefits you is say you would like to create a template under construction page promoting your hosting services you may provide, this utility will allow you to place those files for the page you created, so that any new accounts that are created will have these pages automatically placed with in as a default website page.

Multi-Account Functions will simply provide you some abilities to maintain multiple accounts for 1 function needed to be done. For instance, if you need to do some clean up and remove a couple old accounts, you will want to utilize the Terminate Multiple Accounts function here.

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